Looking after your ink while looking after your planet

If you want your tattoos to stay looking awesome, then you have to look after them.

To keep the colours bright and the artwork looking amazing, most of us use an aftercare cream when we first get inked and then either stop or slap on anything we can find, whenever we remember! But, many skincare products out there on the market just aren’t that good for the environment. From the use of artificial ingredients and chemicals to the use of plastic packaging, lots of skincare products are doing a lot of damage to our planet.

So, how can you look after your ink in a responsible way without trashing the environment? That’s the challenge we set ourselves when we developed the Ink Balm products. We realised that there are two ways to tackle the environmental impact of skincare products. The first is looking at the ingredients we use; the second is getting the packaging sorted.

1. We only use natural ingredients

The biggest way to protect the environment is not to use certain ingredients.

Lots of moisturising products use paraffin/mineral oil. We don’t. Not only is paraffin derived from crude oil- which is obviously bad for the environment - it really isn’t all that good for your skin either. It can clog pores, cause your skin to break out and actually pulls moisture from your skin... It gives us 3 great reasons to avoid using it.

Lots of moisturising creams also use palm oil. We definitely don’t. The worldwide demand for palm oil has led to the burning of huge chunks of some of the world’s most biodiverse forests. All to make way for palm oil plantations. The loss of biodiversity plus the huge carbon emissions from the burning of forests leads to lots of damage to the planet. So, we don’t use it.

The ingredients we do use in our tattoo skin balms and soaps are all chosen because they are natural, can be used by vegans and don’t harm the environment. It’s why we describe Ink Balm as ‘nature’s butter for your tattoo’.

2. We cut back on packaging

We all know it. Plastic is bad for the environment, but replacing it is really tricky. Our balms come in brilliant cardboard push-up tubes that don’t use plastic, cut waste and keep everything hygienic. Use what you need, when you need it and take Ink Balm with you wherever you go. They make looking after your ink easy wherever you go. For our soaps, we can’t get rid of plastic, but we do use recyclable PET plastic bottles and have refill pouches so you can reuse your bottles as many times as you want.

So it is possible to do your bit to help the environment and look after your tattoo with a brilliant product that is quick and easy to use. If you have any other suggestions to help our products become even more environmentally-friendly, let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your suggestions.

The Ink Balm team x

Ink Balm – Nature’s butters for your tattoo journey.

About Ink Balm:

The Ink Balm was created to provide a natural, nourishing balm for your tattoo. This handmade balm encourages healing, keeps colour bright and uses only Mother Nature’s vegan ingredients. The sustainable packaging is inspired by the art of tattoo and its compact size and push up stick mean you can take it with you on every journey you make.