Our 3 favourite reasons for getting a tattoo

More and more of us are getting inked. Nearly 40% of people in the UK now have at least one tattoo. Getting your first tattoo is a big moment – you’re marking your skin in a way that will probably be with you for life. For some, it’s the start of a lifelong creative passion. For others, it’s the one and only time they’ll ever get inked.

We decided to ask our customers why they got their first tattoo and what their ink means to them. The answers were pretty varied. For some, it was a spur of the moment thing. Some just did it because their friends were getting one. For many others, the reasons were much more emotional and personal. For these people, each tattoo has its own story and meaning. Some were even inspiring, with one person describing how their tattoo reminded them to recover from events and “keep rising from it”.

So, after looking through all the responses we got, here are our top reasons why people decided to get a tattoo:

“It means something to me”

Many folk who responded to our question told us that they got their first tattoo to mark a really important event in their life. For some, it was having a baby, for others the tattoo represented a personal journey such as overcoming a break up or recovering from a health problem. One of the most common reasons for getting inked was as a tribute to someone special. We loved how one person described their tattoos as becoming like “a memory scrapbook of their lives”.

“I love the idea of art on my body”

Lots of people said they got inked for the first time because they think tattoos look awesome. They see getting a tattoo as a form of creative expression as well as a way to get the look they want. For them, tattoos are body art. They love the design, enjoy looking at them and “like the permanence of the art on display”.

“It is something I felt represented me”

Finally, many said their ink is a way of expressing themselves and showing more of their personality. They use tattoos to show the world who they are and the things they are passionate about. One person summed it up perfectly by saying that they got their first tattoo to “reflect more of myself on the outside.

What inspired you to get inked for the first time? Did you have similar reasons or did something completely different inspire you? Let us know in the comment section below - we’d love to hear from you!

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